Who We Are

Shaloria Mitchell, CEO/Founder

Shaloria is a best-selling author of Diamond in The Rough (Discovering Your Divine Shine), adult version & a teen edition version, in over 10,000 online stores near you. Shaloria won best documentaries in the 2022 Grand Rapids Film Festival for "And She Spoke". Shaloria has a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Cornerstone University and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, with a minor in Marriage and Family Therapy. Shaloria is a transformational speaker, teaching on topic, such as, self-discovery, self-love, and self-confidence. Shaloria enjoys creative writing, as well as participating in a motivational/empowerment workshops and seminars. Shaloria is committed to helping women heal, unlock their potential, and activate their purpose. Shaloria loves to travel and enjoys spoiling her grandson, cooking with him, and working on various projects for Beautifully Created 2.0. She is an advocate for women moving forward from their past traumas, mistakes, failures, and disappointments; so, they can evolve into who they are designed to be.

Gemaryah Whitley, Co-founder/President

Gemaryah is an advocate for self-love and releasing trauma. She thrives on seeing women become the best version of themselves. Gemaryah is co-director to award-winning documentaries for Beautifully Created 2.0; And She Spoke… based on true stories of women dealing and overcoming situations, while improving their mental health. Gemaryah is also a music artist and songwriter going by the name Mari Simone, her music can be found on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram @officiallymari_simone.

K. Rae'Lynn Walton, Vice-President

Karen is an End-of-Life Doula, Grief Navigator, Mental Health Advocate, and Intuitive Energy Guide. K. Rae'Lynn is graduate of the Going with Grace, March 2022. She also serves as a group facilitator for BIPOC doulas (both current and alumni) and assisted as Student Guide for current trainees. Through various methods of intuitive guidance, practical teaching and empathetic listening, K. Rae'Lynn honors her soul's mission and ancestral calling in supporting individuals on their journey of progression, healing, and spiritual evolution. 

As a death care practitioner, K. Rae'Lynn combines intuitive support, compassion, and empathy to create sacred death and grief experiences, for anyone navigating the waves of grief. K. Rae'Lynn is a married mother of three children, who enjoys cooking, reading, word puzzles, working out and running.

Ayisha Finley, Secretary/Treasurer

Ayisha is a Benton Harbor, MI Native, and mother of 3. Ayisha attended Philander Smith college a HBCU, upon returning home from college, she began working as a health care advocate which included work in various areas of health care. Ayisha has her certification for medical billing and coding and is currently working toward
bachelor’s degree in Allied health and administration. Ayisha brings great organizational skills and creativity as well as being the ultimate team player. 

In her spare time Ayisha enjoys spending time with family as well as traveling, shopping, and cooking.
In the twenty-first century women will change the nature of power instead of power changing the nature of women. ~ Bella Abzug ~
The Beautifully Created 2.0 Board meets every second Saturday of each month.

Our Mission & Purpose

To transform, cultivate, and shift 
the minds of young ladies and women 
into a paradigm shift of positive inner beauty.
To promote inner beauty,
to improve the awareness of self- love,
confidence, image, self-esteem, and
self-worth, to reduce and eliminate
the affects of tragic experiences,
failures, disappointments, and
insecurities among young ladies and

And Then She Spoke...

We Are

A collective team of women who are passionate about healing, freedom,
and wellness, within the mind, body, and spirit.

We believe that every woman deserves to uncover her greatness
and live up to her fullest potential without any fears of her past.

There is always a root to a cause, and until you address it, 
it will continue to resurface and become a hinderance. 

We want you to thrive.

We are our sister’s keeper!
I am a woman / Phenomenally / Phenomenal woman / That's me. ~ Maya Angelou ~
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